Welcome, here is Our Story.


I live in Pa., and as an Ambit Energy Customer we lowered our heat and electric bills an average of $2.20 a month until ... well, we are close to our goal of turning it into additional retirement income of $1,700 a month by becoming an ...

Ambit Energy Independent Consultant. 

For almost 4 years now we have used Ambit's "Guaranteed Savings Plan" ("GSP") for both our electric and gas bills in PA. We have been savings a guaranteed 3% off our monthly bills. No cost, no risk just renewing our plan with Ambit and our utility companies (we are on a budget plan) once a year and we saw that savings like clock work. Ambit even sent us a a few checks to make sure we saved 3%. 

For sure we did not save A LOT of money but we did save 3% just like Ambit Guaranteed us we would. The point of telling everyone this is really about what we did next ... it's about the rest of our story.


A little over 1 year ago we had not 1, not 2 but 3 unexpected major changes in our life. As a result we needed to earn a little more income in retirement and it was harder now than it used to be to do that. We decided to take Step #2 in order to eliminate our heat and electric bills, not all of them just the monthly Ambit Energy portions of our energy bills. That was not so easy for us to do.  Ambit Energy is available in 17 states. It was fewer than that when we started. We live in Pennsylvania but my son, who lived in Florida (Ambit isn't in Florida yet) went to Texas and started going around to businesses where he could leave the Ambit Magazines and he talked to a lot of people. If my son would do that for us then I was going to the same things and thanks to God our history is still being made. 

We then took being an Independent Consultant for Ambit seriously but it wasn't until we took Step #2 ourselves that we realized just how much more Ambit could do over and above eliminating what we pay Ambit monthly for our energy bills  - more than lowering our monthly bills 3% every month. We re-learned we could earn hundreds of dollars a month (what we needed) recommending to friends and family a product we have used for years ourselves. It's free for people to sign up for and here in PA people have that "GSP" available that guarantees to save 3% off natural gas and electric bills in about 98% of the state. To us this means we're connected with a good product, it costs nothing for people to sign up (so we aren't taking money from our friends) and people do save 3% off your monthly bills ... just like Ambit Energy says it does so we aren't ever going to be embarrassed by Ambit GSPs because they do what they say they'll do - save 3%.
This is a new beginning for my wife and I. I'm confident Ambit is making this new stage in life an exciting one. No dancing in the streets right now but certainly not living in them either.