How to get Free Energy

Ambit Energy Offers Free Energy to Customers

 DALLAS, TEXAS (September 26, 2008)—Ambit Energy, L.P., announced today the launch of a new customer referral program that will allow its customers to earn free electricity and natural gas, among other rewards, such as discounted travel packages. 

Executive Announcement

Ambit Energy Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Jere W. Thompson, Jr., said, “As we pursue our vision to be the finest and most respected competitive energy provider in the country, this free energy program will produce significant benefits for our customers, for our growing family of Ambit Independent Consultants and for the company.”  Ambit Energy customers in Texas and Illinois will receive a credit on their monthly bills as long as they maintain 15 paying referred customers. In New York, Ambit Energy customers who do the same will receive a check via U.S. mail. 

Refer 15 friends or family that signup and You get Free Energy

By referring 15 friends or family members to Ambit Energy service, the company’s customers may become eligible to receive free energy every month. The new program will calculate the average dollar amount paid each month by the customer’s 15 referrals and apply that amount to the referring customer’s bill.  “In a market characterized by highly volatile energy rates, our customers can reduce or eliminate their payments month after month,” stated Ambit Energy Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Chambless. “This free energy is unique in the retail energy market and positions Ambit Energy over our competitors as a true innovator.”  

You make recommendations everyday.

 Think about it. When you like a Facebook page, that"s a recommendation. When you tell friends about saving money  by lowering the monthly gas and electric bills with Ambit that"s a recommendation too.