Why we recommend switching to an Ambit GSPs?

We recommend just switching to the Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP) so you wouldn’t have to worry about what published rates do and the plan says the savings could even be more than 3%.  I believe there is good value in the guarantee for the market changes so much and who has time to constantly change plans and providers.

However, since almost all of my customers are also my friends I felt I needed to go the extra mile so I went onto http://www.papowerswitch.com and looked at the other plans out there.  I told those who are also currently on non-GSPs about the Ambit Plan I just  signed up for. There are complaints on the internet about how people sign up for plans that end up costing them more money not less. Because these are my friends I gave them this advice …

“As a friend I want you to know that there are other good sounding plans out there with lower rates, but YOU will have to STAY ON TOP OF THEM because they don’t offer guaranteed savings.   I went onto www.papowerswitch.com and searched for my zip code and here is what I found.   There are plans with significant savings but you still take the risk that if your utility company's published rates go lower over that term and you don’t cancel your "plan" you may end up paying more. (Most plans say they have no cancellation fees). That's why I'd rather get the savings from a GSP and not have to constantly be aware of changes in published rates and if I am now paying more instead of less.

So if a Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP) is available in your service area, we know how you can always save money switching gas and/or electricity to an Ambit GSP. We explain about "Annual Renewals" and what we do extra to make sure you know when that date is and just what you have to do. We have included this, Our Testimony, It's here for you to download any time.

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We share what we learned from our own Ambit experience. Because we were, and still are, happy Ambit customers we know a thing or two about helping you reduce your utility bills and you need to know to avoid being renewed into a plan that isn't a GSP. This is important, especially if you are moving. Have you just moved, looking for the best gas and electricity prices? This would be a good time to check us out.

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