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Page down once to watch the short video about using the "CHECK AVAILABILITY OF GSPs" button. 

Want the gas and electricity you use to be FREE, paid for by Ambit Energy? Read Steps 1 thru 3.

Video: Ambit Energy's Guaranteed Savings Plans (GSPs)

Find out how you can have lower natural gas and electricity bills ... guaranteed. This video shows you how to check for Ambit Energy GSPs in your service area for both gas and electric. Also learn more about your choices you have and how these plans work.

Step #1: Sign Up


Everyone who signs up for Ambit Energy's GSPs begins paying less for gas heat and electricity than they would if they were billed by their utility company at normal rates. Did you know that Abmit Energy customers also instantly have the ability to start earning Free Energy by taking advantage of the Ambit Referral Program. Free Energy is explained in Step #2.

INFO: We want everyone thinking about switching to Ambit Energy to know this: that after you sign up for Ambit Energy still you keep your current gas and/or electric company for emergencies, repairs and in most cases (not TX) even billing comes from the same company you already have. Ambit Energy works with your existing utility by supplying them with the gas or electricity you use. Ambit Energy's job, because it is so large, is to purchase gas and electric energy at lower prices than most utilities can. When you sign up for an Ambit Energy Plan they pass those rates on to you.

Our Story snippet: We were Ambit GSP customer for almost 4 years before we decided to take advantage of the Referral Program. We were happy and satisfied customers so we were comfortable recommending what we have been using to our friends and family. Check our Our Story.

Step #2: Get Free Energy by Referring 15 Friends


Just help 15 (or more) friends become Ambit Customers. There's no time limit for gathering your referrals. To calculate your Free Energy credit, Ambit takes the average daily energy cost for your referred Customers and multiplies it by the number of days in your billing cycle – then gives it to you. You can earn Free Energy every month, up to your total energy cost (not including taxes, transmission charges and other fees).  easy. 

Our Story snippet: This is the step that seemed to be the hardest for us. My wife and I were not sales people and never had a sales job. Each of us recently took retail jobs. Guess what, they are all sales jobs. Why shouldn't we be able to do sales for our own business. The short answer is we could and we did but with a lot of help from Ambit. They have the best products, super support and the easiest to use presentation materials. Check out Our Story.

Step #3: Get $$ Credit applied to your monthly bills.


Ambit will apply the credit directly to your energy bill or will mail you a check for as long as you maintain a minimum of 15 qualified Customers.  There is no time limit or usage minimum required. If one drops out, refer another and your credit will restart. Seriously, it’s that easy. 

Step 4: Share the Wealth with your friends

As Ambit Customers, each of your referred friends can start earning their Free Energy too.


Once each friend you sign up reaches their 15 referrals they'll be earning Free Energy  plus, they’ll enjoy the same top-quality service and value you’ve come to expect from Ambit.  

Ambit Energy is available in 17 states. It was fewer than that when we started. We live in Pennsylvania but my son, who lived in Florida (Ambit isn't in Florida yet) went to Texas and started going around to businesses where he could leave the Ambit Magazines and he talked to a lot of people. If my son would do that for us then I was going to the same things and thanks to God our history is still being made. Check out Our Story.

This is the BIG Step #5 - Generate an Income!

Step #5: Start your own Ambit Energy Independent Consultant Business and build up your income.

Start a business and become an Ambit Independent Consultant

You've probably heard about the power of compound interest. That started to work for you and your friends when you finished Step #4.  Here is that same principle at work again: 


Now, remember the 2 Retirement questions at the top of this page? Start your business now and you might never need Social Security because as an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant you can earn a great income and help your friends do the same thing! 

Our Ambit Story


I live in Pa., and as an Ambit Energy Customer we lowered our heat and electric bills an average of $2.20 a month until ... well, now we are close to our goal of earning an additional retirement income of $1,700 a month by becoming an ...

Ambit Energy Independent Consultant. 

For almost 4 years now we have used Ambit's "Guaranteed Savings Plan" ("GSP") for both our electric and gas bills in PA. We have been savings a guaranteed 3% off our monthly bills. No cost, no risk just renewing our plan with Ambit and our utility companies (we are on a budget plan) once a year and we saw that savings like clockwork. Ambit even sent us a a few checks to make sure we saved 3%.


For sure we did not save A LOT of money but we did save 3% just like Ambit Guaranteed us we would. The point of telling everyone this is really about what we did next ... it's about the rest of our story.

A little over 1 year ago we had not 1, not 2 but 3 unexpected major changes in our life. As a result we needed to earn a little more income in retirement and it was harder now than it used to be to do that. We decided to take Step #2 in order to eliminate our heat and electric bills, not all of them just the monthly Ambit Energy portions of our energy bills. That was not so easy for us to do.  Ambit Energy is available in 17 states. It was fewer than that when we started. We live in Pennsylvania but my son, who lived in Florida (Ambit isn't in Florida yet) went to Texas and started going around to businesses where he could leave the Ambit Magazines and he talked to a lot of people. If my son would do that for us then I was going to the same things and thanks to God our history is still being made. 

We then took being an Independent Consultant for Ambit seriously but it wasn't until we took Step #2 ourselves that we realized just how much more Ambit could do over and above eliminating what we pay Ambit monthly for our energy bills  - more than lowering our monthly bills 3% every month. We re-learned we could earn hundreds of dollars a month (what we needed) recommending to friends and family a product we have used for years ourselves. It's free for people to sign up for and here in PA people have that "GSP" available that guarantees to save 3% off natural gas and electric bills in about 98% of the state. To us this means we're connected with a good product, it costs nothing for people to sign up (so we aren't taking money from our friends) and people do save 3% off your monthly bills ... just like Ambit Energy says it does so we aren't ever going to be embarrassed by Ambit GSPs because they do what they say they'll do - save 3%.

This is a new beginning for my wife and I. I'm confident Ambit is making this new stage in life an exciting one. No dancing in the streets right now but certainly not living in them either.

We know how Ambit Guaranteed Savings Plans (GSPs) work!

Here is what can you expect when you enroll in a Guaranteed Savings Plan? GSP benefits are:

1. Guaranteed Savings

 We promise to beat the price of the local incumbent energy provider by offering at least one, two or three percent savings, depending on your location. That applies no matter how much or how little power you use. 

2. Money Back

 If we fail to beat the incumbent’s price by the promised amount, at the end of a 12-month period we’ll write you a check for the difference. 

3. Easy Switching

 All you need to do is: visit http://energybillreductions.myambit.com/rates-and-plans and enter your zip code, check that you are a residential customer (or  commercial) and check if you are already an Ambit Customer or not. After that you will be prompted at each step. Not only is switching simple, it’s free. 

4. Renew Annually

This isn’t a limited-time offer—you can renew your Guaranteed Savings Plan every year with the same percentage discount. In fact, you are required to annually renew a GSP. JoinAmbit.org will contact you (emails and even phone calls if needed) weeks before you are due to renew. These will guide you through the simple 2-3 minutes renewal phone call to Ambit. We know how and what to do. It's simple.

Guaranteed Savings Plans

Guaranteed Savings Plans (GSPs) may be available in your service area. State with GSPs are below.

Saving Plans Rate plans GSP Guaranteed Savings Plans

Click on your state where we are currently offering 3% Guaranteed Savings Plans in most Service Areas in: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.  and 1% Guaranteed Savings Plans in many service areas of New York and Illinois. 


Click this button. 

2 Things That Are True:

NY State says Ambit can save households money!

When gas and electric prices are going up everyone looks for ways to save money. Ambit Energy had all sorts of problems when Independent Consultants began getting customers in NYS. This fact is well documented all over the internet. So we are proud to also tell everyone that Ambit has addressed all those issues. They did such a good job they recently were approved by the New York State Public Utility Commission (a very difficult approval to receive) and is now recognized by NYS as a sure fired way NYS households can save money on household gas and electric bills. 

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