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Why Join Ambit

Join Ambit for security

Old Electric Car shown on Join Ambit

Old Electric Car

Security? how do you mean you might say. I see the world changing a lot these days. But assuming capitalism remains strong here in America and we aren’t all converted some strange religion or our nationality doesn’t change to become Chinese. I think business will continue much the same as it is today with people buying and selling goods and services. Looking at past performance of how fast industry is to change, gives me a peaceful feeling when I pick a product like electricity and natural gas. Consider the auto industry. Gas has fueled that for 60 years… and yes there was electric cars way back in the 1950’s, and they were good. But when the need to travel long distances and go faster combined with low oil prices these cars fell by the way side.

Join Ambit for Family

Why I joined Ambit Energy

Family Time

The Most Valuable Asset we all have an equal amount of is our time. Once spent you can’t buy it back. You can’t create more of it. You don’t control how long you live and you don’t know when you are going to die. So when I work, and I work a lot. I am trying to do things which leverage my time. So once I have built a system, or taught someone how to do something… that work that i have done, that investment i have made keeps on going and potentially keeps on paying. Which means I am building up future time to spend with my Family. That’s my goal. Building websites for myself personally, once built that site gets traffic on it all the time.  The website works for me 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Join Ambit for Time

Selling energy is a great thing. I know my family uses electricity 24 hours a day. Every day. Our refrigerator, our air conditioner, our clocks, our alarm system, motion sensor lights, the cat water fountain we have, our fountain in our front yard… they are always on, all the time.  So if someone came to me and said, I can save you  money, Guaranteed on something you are already paying for. Off course I’d say yes. Now here is where you build your time. Sell to a customer… they are probably going to be your customer for years. Most people haven not had choice in the matter for so long that they aren’t going to be changing all the time. If we offer great customer service, and great rates. Then basically, you sell once. And get paid for months.

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