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Published on May 2, 2011 by in Featured

Considering .JoiningAmbit Energy?

Thank you for gathering more information about Ambit Energy. I would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have by email. For now I’ll just tell you a little about me and why I chose to participate in energy deregulation with Ambit Energy.

.JoinAmbit.com – Click Here

I have done over 10 different network marketing companies. Some last a few weeks, others a few months. Some have made money and then crashed and burned. Others never made money. I saw what trying to build a business around a “new” product that is “amazing” works, or should I say doesn’t work. When another new product that is amazing comes out… even if it’s just a tiny bit better, or maybe just marketed better. The orginization shifts and your business dies. Every time, no matter what. The shiny new company that is built on hype doesn’t seem to last.

Ambit Energy built on a solid Foundation

Ambit has been around a few years now… we are on pace to become a billion dollar company next year. We are partnered with Shell which is the worlds largest and most profitable company. We are a supplier of Energy, not a broker. Our company has been named America’s fastest growing company by Inc Magazine having grown at a rate last year of 27,000%. We have an amazing system for lead follow up, and helping to explain our business through the video series you probably saw at

This company I have been happy to say a part of since 2009 and yes, I make money every month. AND I live in Florida. So it’s not like I’m local to NY, IL, TX, MA, or PA. I build my business online through various websites like
http://JoinAmbit.org and http://JoinAmbitEnergy.org

I would love to speak with you further if you have a chance to call me and discuss this amazing opportunity. This is the only MLM i am still doing. I do have a regular job as well.

Thanks for your interest.

Josh Darville

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