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Ambit energy lawsuit

this article is just going to quickly touch on the fact that someone happens to file a lawsuit against ambit energy. I got a call from this absolute jerk the other day trying to convince me that ambit energy was going to fall apart and that I should join his company which was Zervitra or something to that extent.

Is Ambit energy going to collapse

did you know that you can sue someone for just about anything these days, and most people do!( laughing) when someone calls you up and starts talking to you about another business and then tries to point out all the errors or all the reasons why they think and energy sucks there should be a lot of red flags going up. Since I do a lot of marketing online and I have my phone number out there and I have my e-mail address out there it seems like I get pounded by these calls and e-mails from people trying to somehow steal away from people’s dreams.

If Ambit energy was a bad company, or was falling apart, I could understand why some people might check out other opportunities.

ambit energy is as stable today as it has ever been! Probably more so. If you left ambit energy to try another opportunity I wish you luck. But I just hope, that you don’t get burned and that you get so turned off to MLM companies that you refuse to return to a truly unique and expanding opportunity. Over the past five years there have been many companies that have tried to replicate ambit energy success, and in doing so they have taken shortcuts they have been underfinanced, and many of them have failed. The ones that have continued on, are still in a very very distant second third fourth or fifth place when it comes to direct sales of energy. Many of these companies make claims that they will pay you much much more than ambit energy. This in fact in some cases it is true… On up front commissions. You may make a few dollars more upfront. But you’ll lose out on thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Ambit energy is here to stay

I like to think about ambit energy and compounding interest in similar terms. Compounding interest is great because anyone can do it you don’t need to have a ton of money up front in order to have a ton of money in the long term. This means that a small consistent amount into a savings account over time will compound and create a huge amount of money over many years. So picking a network marketing business one that has a track record and is very very stable is the only way in my opinion to select that network marketing business. What you need to do is be consistent and build your business.

The hardest part of network marketing

the most difficult time for network marketing business is the initial launch. It is the time. Right after you decide that you want to start doing a particular network marketing business, and that is because you personally have to do all the effort yourself. As soon as you sign up your first rep, get your first consultant. Now there is two people which means you only have to do 50% of the work in order to get to new customers and double size of your business once again. The first consultant you have to do 100% of the work and then you have just doubled your business. Now that you’ve gone and got one consultant and that one consultant has got another consultant and you have gotten another consultant as well. Now there are four of you which means that in order to double the size of your business you only need to do 25% of the work. But say that those four people all got one new consultant. That would mean that now there are eight people in your business. Now in order to double the business how much work you need to do? This is the power of network marketing! do not fall for a get rich quick scheme! Do not fall for someone telling you that they have some kind of secret bullet is going to magically create wealth out of thin air.there are those that have join ambit energy and within a very short period of time made lots of money. That might be you. However there is a great deal more, that have join ambit energy and now get free electricity and natural gas. There is a great deal more of people, who have join ambit energy and now are earning an extra few hundred or a few thousand dollars per month. They are not billionaires, they are not millionaires, but they are better off financially.

I thank you for considering Ambit energy and if you have any questions please visit energybillreductions.whyambitworks.com and find my contact information there.


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